Asking/ Stating Plans Formally


Asking/ Stating Plans Formally – Responding to the conversation relating to the expressions of asking and stating plans.


In the previous lesson, you have learnt about using present progressive tense to express future plans. In this lesson, you will learn some expressions to state and to ask plans; you will also learn about other useful expressions relating with it.

Asking and stating plans

This is Clara’s weekly agenda. Take a closer look into it.

To state her plans for the week, Clara can use the present progressive tense since she has made prior plans, or simply state the plans. For example:

I am going to visit library on Monday.
I am planning to work on chemistry project since the deadline is on this week.
On Tuesday, one’s of Clara’s friend Tiara, is calling her to ask about her agenda and the plan of visiting a museum for the history project.

Study the dialogue below.

Notice some expressions that are used to make statements about plans and asking about plans in the above dialogue. Focus on the sentence when Tiara said about the group’s plan to visit the museum, and the sentence when Clara said that she was planning to study on Thursday.

I want to tell you about the group’s plan to visit the museum.
Are you doing anything on Thursday?
I already have a plan to study with my private tutor after school.

Key Points

There are several points that you should take notes about stating (making statements) and asking plans.
* Making an agenda and list of your plans. These are very good to help you organize your activities.
* Stating your plans in written and sticking to it are important to keep the schedule work. Without strong self-commitment to make it work, a schedule remains a paper with some notes on it. It won’t be helpful for you.
* Consider to ask about other persons’ plans, especially if you wish to make appointments with them. For example, for a study group or visit. When it is clear, not it down in your schedule.
* Update your schedule regularly.

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